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Peanut Media proudly presents “Site-Insight,” a dynamic service designed to unlock your brand’s hidden potential by defining your brand's voice, setting clear goals for a healthy online presence, or crafting efficient workflows with tailored triggers to supercharge your digital marketing.

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*This cost gets applied to any website package moving forward.

What is “Site-Insight” all about?

We believe in the power of a clear vision. Our signature service isn’t just a conversation – it’s an intensive two-hour brand audit and blueprint session that lays the foundation for your brand’s future glory.

Deep Dive Audit:

Our team of experts delves deep into your brand’s DNA, understanding its strengths, challenges, and unique offerings. We identify the sparks of brilliance that make your brand shine.

Insight Blueprint

Through a collaborative two-hour conversation, we work closely with you to uncover the hidden gems of your brand. We’ll craft a strategic blueprint that outlines actionable steps to elevate your brand’s presence and set the stage for design, workflows, and automations.

Unleash Potential:

The Site-Insight Blueprint isn’t just about ideas – it’s a roadmap for your brand’s future. Empower your brand to stand out, connect authentically, and captivate your audience.
When you think about moving on to the next step of your brand, you might feel
Overwhelmed by the thought of building an aligned website on your own
Worried about choosing the best design or designer for your business
Desire help navigating web challenges and crafting a winning online strategy
Don’t take a shot in the dark. That’s where ‘Site-Insight’ steps in – to guide you through this journey, transforming your struggles into a clear, confident path. Together, we’ll craft a blueprint that captures your brand’s true essence with precision and details your next steps.

What will Site-Insight do for you?

1. Reveal Your Brilliance

Immerse in our brand audit to uncover strengths and untapped potential, shaping the evolution of your brand.

2. Craft Your Roadmap

Collaborate with us in an empowering 2-hour session. Co-create a blueprint that steers your brand’s transformation and growth.

3. Efficiency Unleashed

Beyond ideas, it’s about maximizing tasks. Liberate yourself to excel where your strengths lie – connecting with your audience and embracing business freedom.

In the end what does this looks like for you?

No more guessing games

Unveil the optimal web design choices for your brand.

Say goodbye to uncertainties

Pave a confident path that ensures every decision aligns with your goals.

reflect your brand’s essence

Your website becomes an authentic extension of your brand.

Precise guidance

Follow a detailed roadmap leading you toward a thriving online presence.

Elevate Your Brand, Amplify Your Impact
The investment for this transformative experience is only $550, setting the stage for a collaboration that will reshape your brand’s destiny. You’ll gain invaluable insights, actionable strategies, and a blueprint that positions your brand for unparalleled success.
Let’s unravel your brand’s hidden potential and guide you toward strategic transformation. With “Site-Insight,” it’s not just insight – it’s your blueprint to flourish.

Our Clients have been featured in:

[Christina and her team have] taught us so much and really worked with us to make sure our website is functional and does what we want it to do.
– Leslie
Latinx Parenting
Someone like me, frustrated with technology more often than not, words cannot explain how helpful Christina has been throughout the process of literally building up my website from scratch!
– Andreina
Corazon Conversations
Christina's dedication to optimizing our web experience is truly commendable!
– Allison
Pink Nannies

Unlock clarity, amplify impact, and streamline tasks for only $550.

This cost gets applied to any website package moving forward.

Ready to liberate yourself to excel where your strengths lie?